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Our team of subject matter experts possesses an average industry experience of 20 years, who serve you as specialist trainers. They bring-in the real time experience and practical insights with speed and efficiency, to the learning environment which helps the participants gain mastery of the skills, leading to overall organizational performance levels We have a team of 46 trainers spread across the country...

Program Customization

Learning development team understands the needs, objective, culture, people and challenges from the client. With the inputs shared we propose a learning design and the methodology to the clients acceptance.

Trainer interacts with training manager / sample group of participants /reporting mangers ----- ADD's the inputs into the program matching the requirements of the targeted participants.

3rd Phase of customisation would happen only when the participants expectations/ want other modules other than agreed upon then Facilitator would tweak the modules to the interest of participants without loosing focus on the objectives of the Program.

Learning Methodology

Our trainings are designed to cater all three types of learners so that everyone in the audience can absorb the material in their own method. Auditory - Primarily through listening. Visually - Primarily through seeing. Kinesthetically - Primarily through experiencing it.

  • One to One Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Excercises
  • Drama
  • Games
  • Interactive
  • Teasers
  • Roleplays
  • Casestudies
  • Paintings
  • Coachings

Value Additions

Trainings from Learning Partners go beyond the delivery of programs, will motivate the participants to take the learnings beyond classroom and implement at the workplace to bring the desired improvement by the organization and the supervisors.

Following the most successful learning retention and enhancement model of Kirkpatrik, our learning retention tools are designed. Following learning retention tools are weaved into every program that is delivered by Learning Partners.


Our 1800 Feedback forms are graphically presented with participants ratings on trainer, program and level of usefulness and applicability of learning(s) from the program. Participants also list there key learning’s from the program.


PRE and POST Assessments are conducted as a dipstick test to know the knowledge levels of the participants on the subject. This report is graphically presented to the organization.


At end of each session our trainers facilitate each of participant to create a Performance Improvement Plan, a plan which is created from the top 5 key learnings from the program. These Performance Improvement Cards not only bring clarity in improving their performance but also act as reminders and refreshers to participants and referreral note for supervisors to evaluate their teams. Is also a tool for organisations to measure their ROI.

One to One review and counseling on the implementation of learnings from the program (PIP card) post 45-90 days*

Email support 45-90 days on the implement learning’s of the program designed by the participants at the end of the program- PIP cards

Newsletter support on Personality Development and Productivity improvement topics.

Video support on the programs a participant has attended*

Each participant is given a certificate of participation for the program they have attended this encourages and gives a sense of achievement to the participants.