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Dyslexia of Driving

Dyslexia of Driving

Sounds funny doesn’t it. There is no such thing as Dyslexia of Driving. But how else can you either empathize or justify the driving patterns of people on the roads. People seem to have a tough time figuring out the rules of the road. We seem to be afflicted with Dyslexia of driving.

I am sure all the special educators will go hammer and tongs on me for applying the term Dyslexia to driving. Please bear with me and allow an explanation.

Let’s look at the series of violations that happen.

Vehicles are stopped on the zebra crossing at signals without a thought to the pedestrians. Probably people don’t know that zebra crossing is meant for pedestrians.

When there is a traffic snarl two wheelers start moving on to the other side of the road as they keep going forward. Unfortunately they miss out on the logic that if the road is blocked for the incoming traffic the snarl turns into a jam making it even more tough to reach their destination.

Last week I observed a car honking at a two wheeler furiously to give way. The driver of the two wheeler glared at the driver of the car for honking unnecessarily. According to him there is no such thing as lane system. The rule of four wheelers driving in the right lane and two wheelers driving in the left lane is alien to him.

Jumping signals. Reminds me of a joke. A policeman flags down a motorbike for having jumped the red signal. The police man asks the driver if he saw the signal. The driver answered in the affirmative. When the policeman enquired as to why he didn’t stop the vehicle when he saw the red signal the driver replied, “I didn’t see you standing at the signal”. What a laughing riot that was. Can we mistake him if he thinks that the signals need to be followed only and only if the cop is around?

Dads’ and Moms’ dropping of their kids to school do not bat an eye lid driving on the wrong side. Well, come on, if you drive on the wrong side you reach faster don’t you? Maybe even avoid a traffic snarl. Does it really matter that the child is learning that it’s absolutely fine to drive on the wrong side.

There is a whole bunch of people who take the role of becoming alarms. You didn’t understand that did you. Remember the last time when you were at the signal and the moment the signal changed to green you heard a lot of honking from behind. That is exactly what I mean. These good Samaritans are under the strong belief that the person in the vehicle in front of him has dozed off to sleep at the signal. He is a self-appointed alarm system which goes off at the change of signal. Can you blame him for not knowing about sound pollution? No way.

All this brings me to the conclusion that people are just not able to decipher the rules of the road. They are stricken (pun intended) by dyslexia of driving. Atleast this way of looking, at the rampant problem of erratic driving, helps me from getting stressed out while driving. After all, one can’t lose their sanity while driving.